Repair Winrar Error File

Sometime, you get an error about CRC Error of file *.rar.
But getting this error not mean that you can’t extract and use file anymore. There are many ways and software help you repair this error and use these files again.
WinRAR Error (mostly CRC Error) often happen when you extract a very large file or extract multi files (named part01.rar, part02.rar…). If you get this error when extract multi files, first you need to know exactly which file is error. When extracting, WinRAR Diagnostic Message will show all files that getting error and what error is.You must remember name of error files to fix it.

Then I will show you 4 ways to do this.
1/ Use WinRAR Repair: open error file with WinRAR. Then go to menu Tools > Repair Archive (hotkey Alt + R). You can also browse a folder with WinRAR and choose error file, then click Repair button in toolbar.
- In next dialog, choose folder to put repaired file and then click OK to start repair.
- File after repaired will be named fixed..
NOTE: after repair, you need to delete error file, rename repaired file to original name and try to extract again.

2/ Use RAR Repair Tool: this simple software will help you repair error rar completely. Almost corrupt files can be repaired with this software. Different with WinRAR, RAR Repair Tool do not repair anyfile. RAR Repair Tool can repair single file or check and repair all parts from a folder.
– It easy to use, just go to File > Open > choose error file and click Repair button, then choose folder to save repaired file, OK and done.

3/ Use RAR Recovery Toolbox: Like RAR Repair Tool, RAR Recovery Toolbox can recover all files in rar file or in all part. After recover, you can use these files without extracting.
– At first step, you need to choose source file name. You can also choose a part of WinRAR (*.part01.rar…). Then click Next.
– At Select files to recover, you select all files in error rar file and click Next, select folder to save recovered data and click Next to start fixed and recover. RAR Recovery Toolbox will repair and extract all files to this folder.

4/ If these softwares can help you, the last choice is redownload corrupt file. Maybe files caused error while downloading, redownload can help.


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